NO COUNTDOWN….just another great move in the right direction.

Short bays open tomorrow morning!!!!

That means anything short range. Bring your Pistol, Carbine, or tactical shotgun!

We have two lanes open and they are INDOOR…out of the mud, out of the wind

and weather!

Reservations are required 

Our Berms Have Improved Significantly

The berms are now over 20 feet high ! 

We Now Have Indoor Ranges With More To Come

 Getting you out of the elements for some good ole indoor shooting. 

Alot Of Hard Work To Pull It All Together

 We have been working non stop through the cold and mud to bring you the best safety features we can. 

 We have reached an agreement with the neighboring property owners that will allow the range to reopen—and it’ll be better than ever! We will still have the 100-yard and 600-yard rifle ranges, all with improved amenities and best-in-class safety features. We’ll also have a new battery of enclosed shooting booths, providing a consistently dry and shaded environment where you’ll be able to rapid fire, move and fire, and use your fully automatic weapons. There is also a new trap range, and while we’re still working out the details of the tactical bays, we expect to resolve that very quickly. We’ll still be open seven days a week, 365 days a year. And as always, we’ll allow full metal jacket ammunition up to and including 50 BMG. You’ll also see a number of other improvements, including available member lockers, and a greatly improved pro-shop with more inventory. We have also brought on a new management team to help us be one of the best ranges in North Texas. While we’re at it, we’re putting in a comprehensive storm-water management plan to improve drainage, and we’re putting down gravel pathways on the 100 and 600-yard ranges to keep everyone out of the mud when changing targets.   We want everyone to know how grateful we are that you’ve stuck with us through this extremely trying experience. 

Everyone at the range has been doing all we can to hang on, and while it’s been tough, we finally can finally see the finish line. In the end, it’ll mean a better range for everybody. We are also offering a special thank-you for everyone who renewed while we were closed, and for anyone who joins or renews their membership between now and reopening. We are also planning something cool for those that donated to our legal fund. Standby for more details!!   That’s all for now. We’ll have more information in the next few days.