Prices based on AR-15 prices may vary

Gun Modifications


Firearm Cleaning

Basic Hand Cleaning for Pistol and Non Semi Auto Long Guns $25.00

Basic Hand Cleaning for Semi Auto Long Guns $45.00

Detail Cleaning for All Firearms $45.00 per ½ Hour

Sight Installation

Glock Pistol Sights $25.00

Smith & Wesson M&P Sights $25.00

Scope Mounting on Handguns or Rifles $25.00

Sight in Pistol (Laser or Iron Sights) $25.00

Sight in Rifle (Scope, Red Dot or Iron Sights) $25.00

**Sight Installs are Free if Sights are Purchased at LoneStar Gunclub**

Trigger/Spring Installs

Glock Drop in Parts $25.00

Glock Fitted Parts $60.00

Smith & Wesson M&P $45.00

AR-15 $25.00

Smith & Wesson Revolvers $45.00

Ruger Revolvers $45.00

1911’s $25.00

AR-15 Work

Remove and Install Gas Block $50.00

Barrel Install $65.00

Complete Upper Assembly Build $75.00

Complete Lower Assembly Build $75.00

Full Rifle Build $140.00

Install Stock $35.00

Install Muzzle Device $25.00

Install Handguard $75.00


Pricing for Other Work Will Be Done by Quote Only with a Minimum $45.00 per ½ Hour Charge

Prices are subject to the condition of the firearm and are to be determined by gunsmith upon examination. All initial prices are an estimate. The customer will be contacted if there are any significant changes in the estimate amount, once the firearm has been thoroughly examined.

 ***The Above Rates are for Labor Only, No Parts Included***