Welcome to LoneStar Gun Club & Redneck Resort


 LoneStar Gun Range in Mesquite, Texas is bringing new, exciting features to the range.

Not only have we been working hard to bring you a safer range, but we have also added new amenities. 

First of all, we are making improvements to all of the firing lines, have added a Trap range, and the most exciting addition, we are building new indoor short ranges to get you guys and gals out of the mud, sun and harsh weather. We are also constructing new tactical / dynamic ranges and expanding our “shoot-house” capabilities.

The retail shop is now being stocked with a full assortment of firearms for sale or rent, bulk ammo, gear, and more. We are also expanding our gun-smithing and manufacturing capabilities.

Other changes:

The range is now exclusively for members and their guests. Members also get access to secured vaults, discounts on firearms, transfers, gear, and invites to Members Only events.

LoneStar Gun Club’s management has changed, helping it to be one of the best ranges in North Texas.

We have also added camping areas, fishing, and a 100 yard archery range.

Our event areas are also being expanded to include food service, VIP lounge area, and better restroom facilities.

We are planning to reopen first part of December if all goes well. If you are not already a member, and would like to join, we have great specials going on now until our re-opening!



  •  We have reached an agreement with the neighboring property owners that will allow the range to reopen—and it’ll be better than ever! We will still have the 100-yard and 600-yard rifle ranges, all with improved amenities and best-in-class safety features. We’ll also have a new battery of enclosed shooting booths, providing a consistently dry and shaded environment where you’ll be able to rapid fire, move and fire, and use your fully automatic weapons. There is also a new trap range, and while we’re still working out the details of the tactical bays, we expect to resolve that very quickly. We’ll still be open 8AM – 8PM, seven days a week, 365 days a year. And as always, we’ll allow full metal jacket ammunition up to and including 50 BMG. You’ll also see a number of other improvements, including available member lockers, and a greatly improved pro-shop with more inventory. We have also brought on a new management team to help us be one of the best ranges in North Texas. While we’re at it, we’re putting in a comprehensive storm-water management plan to improve drainage, and we’re putting down gravel pathways on the 100 and 600-yard ranges to keep everyone out of the mud when changing targets.   We want everyone to know how grateful we are that you’ve stuck with us through this extremely trying experience. 
  • Everyone at the range has been doing all we can to hang on, and while it’s been tough, we finally can finally see the finish line. In the end, it’ll mean a better range for everybody. We’ll have a grand-reopening date to announce as soon as we’re able to nail down the construction schedule for the changes we’ve agreed to make.  You can expect one heck of a reopening party! We are also offering a special thank-you for everyone who renewed while we were closed, and for anyone who joins or renews their membership between now and reopening. We are also planning something cool for those that donated to our legal fund. Standby for more details!!   That’s all for now. We’ll have more information in the next few days as we are able to finalize the construction schedule.


The Range

Rifle Ranges

LoneStar has the longest rifle range in Dallas County from 100 yards out to 600 yards! Most calibers are accepted, but keep in mind, ranges in excess of 100 yards require qualification both written and practical application.

Pistol Bays

Our pistol bays are designed for all level of shooters. Our bays include both paper and steel targets, and most calibers are accepted. Pistol are designed for static shooting, but those members who are qualified can draw from a holster and rapid fire.

Tactical Bays

Move and shoot, draw from a holster, rapid firing and more..Train like you fight, fight like you train!

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